Troubleshooting Problems with Wireless Dog Fence

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If you are the owner of a dog, you have a huge responsibility to keep him safe and sound. Having a dog in the house means you need to take care of it like a child. You need to think of his health and other safety to keep him healthy, energetic and active. You definitely don’t want your dog to create trouble for your neighbourhood and also, he shouldn’t get hurt by any outside source or just hurt himself while crossing the limited space you fixed for them. You can put traditional wooden or picket fence to keep them restricted to your yard only, but, nowadays those are not enough, especially, if your dog is very good at jumping.

Now, while living in the modern age, you can’t stick to the old solutions. Modern problems require modern solutions. That’s why wireless dog fence can solve your problem of keeping your pet safe within your territory. Such dog fences are electrical and installing and maintaining them is quite easy. You don’t need to keep it on a leash always. Dogs are full of energy and they love to play and jump around. With a wireless invisible dog fence, now you don’t need to get tensed about the safety of your canine friend.

What are the problems that you can face with Wireless Dog Fence?

So far, you get the idea of why buying a wireless dog fence is the best idea to keep your dog safe. But, if you think that there are no problems associated with it, you are going wrong. There are definitely certain issues with such dog fence which can create trouble for you as well as for your canine friend. And your aim is not to see your pet in an uncomfortable situation.

Maybe you don’t get the issues immediately with the wireless dog fence, but with time, you can realize those gradually. If you can’t fix those problems yourself, you will need professional help. But, before calling professionals, you need to be aware of the problems that can happen once you have a wireless dog fence. Those are as follows-

1. Your dog is not reacting with the static correction

Do you notice that your dog is not reacting to static correction? If so, then you should check the fence collar now whether it is fixed well or not. Once the fence collar is fitted properly, you will notice certain changes in the behaviour of your pet. Whenever it goes closer to the static correction, it will take steps back; scratch the area of its collar and moves backwards.

You should also check the perimeter where you have installed the transmitter of the wireless dog fence. If there is any trouble of signal, there will be no reaction to the static correction. Besides these, you should also check the level of the static correction. If the lower level is set than necessary, the dog will not react to it. You should also check whether the transmitter got disconnected or the batteries of the fence collar may not work.

2. There is no beeping sound from the Wireless Fence

If the wireless dog fence you bought is working properly, you will always get a beeping sound from it. But if there is any problem in the device, those can be because of the following reasons-

  • Somehow the collar receiver has been switched off. Check it out immediately. It can happen also if the device doesn’t work properly.
  • The transmitter is not connected properly to the power source.
  • The batteries may not be charged properly.
  • It can be certain interference in the signal of the transmitter and thus, the boundary of the fence has been disturbed.

How To Fix Any Issues With Your Wireless Dog Fence?

Well, now you know what kind of troubles can appear when you buy a wireless dog fence for your dog. If you are a beginner, you get tensed when you find that the device is not working on a fine morning. When you know the problems, it won’t take much time to find the remedies. With certain simple steps, you can troubleshoot these issues and keep your dog safe with a wireless dog fence. Read on to know more-

Step 1:

First thing you need to do is to check the fence collar of your dog. Make sure it is fitted to your dog’s neck well. If the collar is not fitted well, dogs may chew it or just remove it by pulling. That’s why check well that the collar is tight enough to give it the electric shock to keep it within your yard.

Step 2:

You will be given a user manual with the wireless dog fence and collar. Check out the recommendation for the static correction level in it. Never keep it too low that the dog doesn’t get the shock and cross the boundary.

Step 3:

You should also check the ground wire well and if there is any damage, fix it immediately. If the ground wire gets broken for some reasons, you will receive an error by the unit. Replace it now just by calling the professionals. Remember that you also need to check the fence wire as the device is not programmed to give error message if the fence wire is broken.

Step 4:

Never forget to check the entire dog fence unit to know that the batteries are working properly. If you find them damaged and not charged completely, change them now.

Step 5:

You should also check the transmitter wires and make sure that they are connected well with the transmitter jacks properly. If you receive a dropped signal that means it is time to change the entire wire system. You can also attach an RF choke to the transmitter jacks to solve the problem easily.

Step 6:

If you have tried all these means and still find the device not working well, it can be because of an entire damaged set. Instead of doing anything, you can call the professionals who installed the device at your house. Also, if you can’t follow the above steps by yourself, the professional help is needed to get the job done appropriately.


So, here you get all your answers to your questions regarding the wireless dog fence. If you find any trouble with the device, now you know how to solve it. There are different designs of wireless collars available online or at shops. Find the most suitable one and buy it for your canine friend now to keep it safe from any danger.

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