Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review

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Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review: Before we move, any further let us make it clear for readers as to what a Wireless Pet Containment System is. If we are to think about the traditional way to keeping one’s pet on a leash or contained then it involves a lot of labor. Apart from labor, the traditional way involves expenses relating to purchase and then extra expenses for maintenance. Then there is a major issue, which involves time and leads to wastage of time by consumption prompted by labor and maintenance. These factors led to the withdrawal of pet owners being much concerned about the containment of their pets and showing negligence.

In order to curb this dissatisfaction among pet owners and their furry pets, the Pet Safe Company introduced an amazing product that has made lives easier for living with dogs. The wireless pet containment system, it has gone past the traditional era and has been relieved. The product has a wireless system that involves a transmitter and receiver dog collars. The device transmits signal and has area coverage of about half an acre. The dog wears the collar and does not require any leash or any traditional fencing, to be put up around the boundary of the house.

Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review

Review of Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe
Review of Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe

The receiver collar sends signals to the transmitter and vice versa. If a dog breaches its compound or stated area, the transmitter sends a signal to the collar, which transfuses to a mild static shock that is harmless for the dogs. Upon receiving the mild static shock, the dog realizes its breach and heads back to its limited area. This way the pet owners do not have to run behind their furry pets. While the furry pets have a good time wandering around without having any supervision, there are no fences around and it saves people the time, money and labor.

Now that we all know what the product is from PetSafe, let us move on to the detailed features of the product.

Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review
Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review

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  • Wireless: The product is hundred percent wirelesses and does not require any kind of wiring of sorts. Gone are the days when you had to walk your dog with a leash on him or kept him tied to the hook in your garden. Dogs have the freedom to move around for this wireless system while owners have their own leisure, not having to keep a check all the time.
  • Weather factors: Even when it is raining, you do not have to worry about your fences getting wet and rotting or your dog getting wet for it is kept on a leash in the garden. This is because of the benefit of the wireless system. The dogs have the freedom to move around because the transmitter is taking care of its movement.
  • Waterproof collar: The receiver collar that comes with this product is the best for dogs who love spending time in the water. The collar is a hundred percent resistant to water. Dogs can splash on pools and paddy without being electrocuted or the product suffering any damage. Even when it rains, the dogs are safe to wear the collar, as it is waterproof. They can happily enjoy the drizzle without any damage to anything.
  • Area coverage: The area coverage for these products from the PetSafe is quite interesting and effective. It covers ½ to 1/3rd of an acre depending on which product you choose from their collection. The transmitter transmits a signal to every direction from its original point and allows a dog to roam freely in whichever direction it pleases.
  • Harmless shock collar: Many have the preconceived notion that dog collars are harmful as it shocks your furry pet. Reality is, the receiver collar’s from the PetSafe is absolutely harmless. Upon receiving the signal of the breach, it receives a mild static shock, which alerts the dog about the breach. The shock is next to negligible but effective to keep the dog on the check. Also, it has a five-level correction system that allows the transmitter to be absolutely sure about any possible breach before sending out the static signal.
  • Usability: The product can be used for a number of dogs. The concept of the product emphasizes on the wearer of the collar. It could be any dog from anywhere. As long as the wearer has the collar on him and breaches its coverage area, it receives a notification from the transmitter. It does not depend on how many dogs are wearing it as long as the product features are maintained.
  • Collar sizes: The collars are adjustable and can be adjusted to fit the need of the dog. This way the dog feels comfortable while wearing such products.
  • Installation and portability: There are portable wireless products too from the PetSafe containment system collection. Also, installation of the product is very simple and easygoing. It takes less to no time to install and you can set it up anywhere you, please.

Contents of the Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe:

  • Transmitter
  • Wireless receiver collar
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Test light tool
  • Power adapter
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • Instruction manual 

Things to Remember:

  • Train your dog for at least two to three weeks about the use of the product and its effectiveness. Dogs are not thinking like us humans, they need to be trained to cope with the collar and the signals.
  • The dogs must not wear the collars for more than 10 hours. It is an artificial thing hanging around their neck and needs to be taken off after a point of time.
  • The signals are strongest on plain grounds and even on the beach. The only drawback is on slopes the signals suffer slight issues. There is nothing to worry about, as your pet will not be wandering off down the slope to cause any disturbances to anyone.
  • Place the transmitter away from any electronic devices. Keeping it close by such devices may cause fluctuations in the receiving and sending of signals.


  • Dogs gain freedom and wander about without a leash or human supervision.
  • Comes at an affordable price and has low maintenance.
  • It has rechargeable batteries.
  • Collars have a five-level correction making it a safe product for animals.
  • It comes with a tone-only Dogs can be trained without any static shock.


  • It has the possibility to overlap with other wireless system devices.
  • The rechargeable batteries last for up to 2hrs when the dogs breach its average area and wander off elsewhere.
  • The product stops working if a dog breaches its area despite receiving the mild static shocks.
  • Since it has a tone-only mode, dogs can sometimes forget the static mode.

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Everything you needed to know about the Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe has been mentioned above in details. If you have any prior inhibitions about the safety of dogs let us assure you that the products from PetSafe lives by its name. They are absolutely harmless for dogs and other pets to use. If you are worried about the installation, do not worry, even the person with the least tech knowledge will be able to install it. It’s time you bid adieu to the traditional way of containing your dog and keeping a check on him. The new age technology has given a boon to pet owners by introducing such an amazing device to keep them contained in an area, harmless and safe.

Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review
  • Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe Review


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